BioblitzBCN 2014, in Laberint d’Horta this year

BioblitzBCN 2014, este año en el Laberint d'Horta

Bioblitz is an event of discovery of nature in which over a period of 24 hours, scientists studying specific groups of flora and fauna identified all organisms found in a particular area and are helped by volunteers. This year BioBlitzBcn held in Horta Labyrinth Park (Laberint d’Horta).

Families are invited to attend nature walks, learn more about our natural world, its diversity and participate in the inventory that is held each year .

BioBlitzBcn Last year was a success . There were a total of 36 experts and 875 participants (general public) .

The fact BioBlitzBcn celebrate in Horta Labyrinth Park is due to the large amount of wildlife that exist in this beautiful green lung of Barcelona.

BioBlitzBcn is organized by Museum of Natural Sciences , the City Council of Barcelona and l’ Association of Friends of the Museum of Natural Sciences . You’ll find more information in

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