Font del Gat (Cat’s Fountain)


Barcelona has many curious and / or famous fountains, from Canaletas Fountain to the curious Wallace’s Fountains. But if there is a source that anyone knows who lives in Barcelona since childhood (probably by a traditional song), that is the Font del Gat (cat’s fountain), located at the foot of Montjuic mountain, a few meters from Teatre Grec in Barcelona.

The fountain name is due to its shape: cat head. This cat head was sculpted by Joan Antoni Homs in 1918 and restored in 2003.

La Font del Gat de Barcelona

La Font del Gat was one of the many fountains of Montjuïc where were traditional popular picnics and dancing, eating and drinking. La Colla de l’Arròs, a group of friends who mingled with the gastronomic gatherings hobby, enhanced the popularity of this fountain to the end of the nineteenth century.

La Font del Gat is located within Laribal Gardens. In front of the fountain, there is a nineteenth-century building designed by Josep Puig  that had functions of restaurant.

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