A beach in Eixample neighborhood? Gardens of Water Tower


Can you imagine a beach in the middle of classic Eixample district? Well, stop imagining because…it exists! It is an artificial beach located within Gardens of Water Tower (Jardines de la Torre de les Aigues). Actually it would be like an indoor pool but its surroundings have given it the nickname “Playa del Eixample” (Eixample beach). Incredible, no?

¿Una playa en el Eixample? Jardines de la Torre de les Aigües

This curious beach, located just 4 minutes walk from the Barcelona City Hotel (H. Universal), has a symbolic price of 1.50 euros per person.

This beach Eixample is characterized by the great tower that comes with the pool that gives its name to the “beach”: the Torre de les Aigues (Water Tower). The tower gives this garden was commissioned in 1862 by the architect Josep Oriol Mestres to ensure safe drinking water in the area.

This is the green inner courtyard of a block of the Eixample with a large tower surrounded by a small pool. More than a century later, in 1987, became the first block interior public space recovered as the Eixample.

We do not want you to imagine a beach like the real thing. Remember that we have several beaches in Barcelona to enjoy the true sea. But here is sand and vegetation that make it a pretty nice place. Furthermore, it is an ideal place to go with kids.

In 1987 the space was recovered as a public garden and that was when the current pool was installed and became the “Playa del Eixample” (Eixample beach).

Eixample beach is only open in summer with the following schedule:

From June 25 to July 31: Mo.-Sa. 10 AM 8 PM, Sunday. 10 AM-3 PM. From 1 August to 7 September: Mo.-Fr. 10 AM 8 PM, Sat., Do. and holidays 10 M-3 PM

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