Gazpacho, an ideal dish for summer!


Gazpacho, like horchata, is one of the things you would like eat when summer comes.

Although it is more typical of southern Iberian Peninsula, also in Barcelona we love to take a chilly gazpacho to beat the heat. Gazpacho is a very rich and very Mediterranean dish. Furthermore, it is a very good feed for the body because it is composed of a large number of vegetables.

Gazpacho has a color between orange and red, depending on the type of tomatoes that have been used for their preparation.

The main ingredients of this cold soup typical summer are tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar, peppers, cucumbers, onions and garlic (added vegetables are usually raw). Water and salt are also added. Some people added toasted croutons once served gazpacho.

Lately it has also become fashionable gazpacho develop other types, such as strawberry gazpacho or watermelon gazpacho.

Being such a popular dish will help you find gazpacho in many bars and restaurants of Barcelona.

Recipe for cook gazpacho this summer

We believe the best way to learn how to make gazpacho recipe is a video, so here you have this recipe for gazpacho.

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