Joan Miró parc in Barcelona


We often speak of parks and green areas in Barcelona, ​​Joan Miró Park is one of them. Located in the city center, next to Plaza Spain, just behind the shopping center Las Arenas.

Joan Miró Park highlights above all the famous monument that presides: La Dona i l’Ocell (Woman and Bird) by Joan Miró.

Another noteworthy elements of Joan Miró Park is the library (Joan Miró), which is surrounded by water. It is the main protagonist of the access to the park through the streets Vilamarí and Diputació. A building surrounded by waterways bordered by strips of cypress cut.

La dona i l'ocell (Parque Joan Miró)

Joan Miró Park was the first built by the City Council emerged from the first democratic municipal elections in 1976. It was also the first in which was given a new use urban spaces with obsolete equipment. Is located on land that had occupied the old city slaughterhouse.

Palms are undoubtedly the biggest stars of the vegetation of this park, although there are also large eucalyptus and other species. Among all form a nice green zone in the Eixample district.

Joan Miró parc has a children’s play area, bowling green and a dog run.

After relaxing in the Joan Miró Park, you can take fantastic to see the Teatre Grec and its gardens.

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