Safety tips for traveling to Barcelona


We want your trip to Barcelona were perfect and therefore do not want to scare, so we will give you a few safety tips when you travel to our city. As you can see, most safety tips we give are applicable to any destination you choose.

  1. Be careful with your luggage! Especially when you are at the airport, station or port. These are places of great influx of people. For convenience, we recommend that you ask at your accommodation if there is luggage storage service once you leave the room.
  2. Beware of your belongings! Be especially careful with your purse, wallet, camera, phone and the like when you’re walking around, having a drink on a terrace, on the beach and even on public transport. Watch well and avoid trouble.
  3. It is advisable to take the money and credit cards in interiors and front pockets.
  4. The sale of beverages in public is illegal. To buy them, is illegal too
  5. If you circulate cycling in Barcelona, do it for the bike path and maximum 30 km/h. If you share space with pedestrians, remember that they have priority. If you circulate bike night, you should carry lights.
  6. Beware of scams street: Trileros, hawking, people asking for money or unknown causes or entities cleaner. Beware.

We do not want you to think that Barcelona is an unsafe city. It is just a city with many inhabitants and many tourists and that sometimes entails certain problems.

Remember that if you have an emergency you can always call 112.


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