Gaudí’s works in Barcelona

Gaudi has something special … something that also happens to the city of Barcelona, which is unique 🙂

As well, when you put the name of Gaudí and Barcelona in one sentence … the result is fantastic! Magic!

It’s no secret that many people come to Barcelona mainly to know the work of Gaudi in Barcelona. And that Gaudí has something that fascinates us all: local and non-local.

Antonio Gaudí died at age 73 in Barcelona, ​​after being hit by a tram, when he was a high point in his career. He was working at that time in the temple of the Sagrada Familia. Did he imagined that in 2014 his work would be already unfinished?

Although the work of Gaudí found in various places in Spain, as Comillas, Astorga and León (in fact we can see a recreation of the three works in Catalunya en Miniatura), most of Gaudi’s works were in Barcelona. In fact, thanks to Gaudí, Barcelona is as rich in Catalan Modernism.

In this blog you will see that we have written articles for most of them, but beyond reading what we tell you, do not hesitate to visit all you can.

Casa Vicens 1883-1888 Barcelona
Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia 1883-1926 Barcelona
Pabellones Güell 1884-1887 Barcelona
Palacio Güell 1886-1890 Barcelona
Colegio de las Teresianas 1888-1889 Barcelona
Casa Calvet 1898-1900 Barcelona
Torre Bellesguard 1900-1909 Barcelona
Parc Güell 1900-1914 Barcelona
Portal Miralles 1901 Barcelona
Casa Batlló 1904-1906 Barcelona
Casa Milà 1906-1910 Barcelona
Cripta de la Colonia Güell 1908-1915 Colonia Güell (Santa Coloma de Cervelló)

Regarding the latter, the Colonia Güell is located in a village near Barcelona and can be reached in few minutes by train. It is a wonder worth seeing.

In Barcelona we are especially pleased because Casa Vicens and Torre Bellesguard (whose real name is Casa Figueres) could not visited until a few months ago. Both are already open now.

Have you visited all the works of Gaudi in Barcelona? What is your favorite? Remember that if you decide to visit the principal works of Gaudí in summer, most of them are half price entry 😉

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