Opening of the LGBT cinema exhibition FIRE


Part of BCN City Hotels team were at the opening of the LGBT cinema exhibition FIRE yesterday. There the Polish film “W Imie” (Love your neighbor), directed by Malgoska Szumowska, was  screened.

FIRE Exhibition is organized by Casal Lambda. The inauguration took place at the French Institute of Barcelona, ​​in the Moiá, 8 Street. Prior to project the film could listen to both speak to the Director of the French Institute, as representatives of Casal Lambda and FIRE organizers. Each had words of thanks to the efforts of many people who have made it possible, once again (and already are 19 editions), FIRE.

Inauguración de la Muestra FIRE de cine LGBT

Inauguración de la Muestra FIRE de cine LGBT

In a room at 100% full, the most vindictive words were definitely the Joako Ezpeleta, Director of FIRE. He said “more culture and less flags” was needed because there are still many injustices that fight. And he insisted that “all is not done.” However, Ezpeleta also wanted to emphasize the qualitative leap of the exhibition film this year.

“Love your neighbor”, which was broadcast subtitled original voice, was Teddy award at the Berlinale. It is a costume drama that shows, without any shame, how Adam, a young priest working in a remote rural village in Poland with young people excluded from society, thinking that there your innermost desires may be repressed.

FIRE will screen until July 13 a total of 41 films (last year were projected 25), in an edition that intends to reflect on bisexuality from the iconic figure of singer David Bowie and whose slogan “We can be heroes “.






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