Habaneras in Barcelona

Normally, who likes the sea likes habaneras. Habaneras are typical songs sung by fishermen transmitted from generation to generation.

Habaneras songs are originated of Cuba, specifically Havana (hence its name). Although it is an almost obligatory for almost any group of choral singing, singing nearby groups are more accustomed to singing habaneras.

Of all sung of habaneras, one is the most featured above all in Catalonia: it is sung of Habaneras of Calella de Palafrugell (Costa Brava). It takes place on the first Saturday of July every year since 1966.

Habaneras sungs in Barcelona

But not only the small coastal towns enjoy habaneras. In Barcelona we also have several Habanera sung during the year, although most is concentrated in summer.

In fact, we have alreay enjoyed two famous habaneras sungs in Barcelona this summer:

  • Barcelona cara al mar, by the sea and close to Port Vell, at Passeig Joan de Borbó, last June 28.
  • Habaneras Sung in Bogatell Beach, as inauguration the celebrations of the Olympic Village neighborhood, last Saturday July 6.

Usually, in all or almost all major festivals of Barcelona neighborhoods there are Habaneras sungs: Gràcia local party, Sants local party, …

Habaneras often heard standing with a handkerchief in his hand and singing traditional songs as “El meu avi” or “La Bella Lola”. If you love the idea but you are someone who prefer to sit quietly, we recommend the excellent proposal this coming Friday, July 11 in the new macro-terrace of Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre.

You can listen to Habaneras sung’s by the group Port Bo and tasting “Ron Cremat” (burned rum) in La Terraza del Mar of Diagonal Mar next Friday

Definitely a great plan that you can not lose!

In addition, if you are not going to drink rum because you come by car, the Diagonal Mar shopping center offers you free parking for the duration of Habanera sung.

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