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Free Parking in Barcelona


We always like to speak from our experience and we like to be honest. For this reason, as many of you know, we have to anticipate that park in Barcelona is not an easy task.

The people of Barcelona who have cars, most have private parking. In addition, we are sure that if you ask tips on parking in our city, they will tell you “if you go to Barcelona, try to not drive.”

But it is not so rare. Barcelona is a great city and as such, finding parking is not easy.

But we know that many ever you travel by car, so we will look at some options for free parking:

  • On weekends (from Friday at 10 PM), most green parking area becomes free. If you come to Barcelona 2 or 3 days, and it is a weekend, you can park in green area. Not much green area in Barcelona and also in the center of Barcelona is usually supersaturated. Trying to find parking in green area in less traveled places, such as around C/Marina (near C/Doctor Trueta, for example).
  • Another good option is to leave it in the University area (on the Diagonal), across North Campus. Always be many seats, especially early and late.
  • In Montjuïc, near MNAC museum, you can find several places to park, including parking MNAC which is also free (cars only).
    Aparcar gratis en Barcelona
  • Parking at La Maquinista Shopping Center is best known by most “seekers of free parking” 😉 It is the only shopping center in Barcelona that you can park for free unlimited hours (but remember to collect your car at night!!). The metro (L1) and RENFE and you are next to the city center in just over 15 minutes.
  • Also the parking of IKEA in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (very close to Barcelona) is free. You can take the metro-FGC reach the center right there.

If you come to Barcelona and none of these options you convince yourself because you prefer a private parking, remember BCN City Hotels accommodation chain will offer a 30% discount on parking located next to their hotels and hostels. You have got a cheap rate of 21 € / day have parked your car without worries.


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