3 good ice cream shops in the center of Barcelona

Summer!Beach! and … ice cream!Sure! The word summer and the word ice cream shops usually tend to go together very often. There are few things we like more in summer than ice cream (well yes … the horchata!), So let’s see three good ice cream shops in the center of Barcelona where to buy delicious ice cream 😉


A classic. We talked about it when we talk about horchata. Make delicious ice cream that will not leave you indifferent. Yes, be prepared to queue as what day or time go! 😉

La Valenciana.

Very close to Barcelona City Centre Hostal is located this centennial ice cream shop. We will recommend it especially ice cream, but make all kinds of delicious snacks 😉

Giovanni- Artgelato

Another classic in Barcelona. It is located very close to the Cathedral of Barcelona. The truth is that most often go there in winter to eat waffles (delicious!), but their ice creams are also delicious.

For us these are 3 of the best ice cream shops in the center of Barcelona. What suggestions do you have? 😉

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