Hawaiian bars in Barcelona


We talked sometimes original bars, but we know that many of you love Hawaiian bars. Well, you are in luck because Barcelona has 3 bars of this kind. Beyond its curious cocktails, served in beautiful theme glasses, best of Hawaiian bars is definitely the decoration of local …


The first Hawaiian bar in Barcelona we want to talk about is called Kahala. It is located in a select area of ​​Barcelona, ​​the Diagonal, and is fairly close walking of Barcelona City Seven and Barcelona City Street accommodations (15 minutes walking away).

From outside you will realize that it is a Hawaiian, but once inside, you have no doubt. The cocktails are served in original and fun glasses.


Although its name is similar to above, have no relation;-)

It is located on Plaça Universitat, in the heart of Barcelona, just a few minutes walk from Barcelona City Centre and Barcelona City Ramblas. The biggest problem you may find is that many times is full and, according to what time you go in, if you are a couple they say you can not get in, because “only groups” can.

The interior atmosphere is very nice and fairly acclimated. It has the great advantage that it is in the center of Barcelona.


For us, definitely the best of Hawaiians in Barcelona. Also located in the center of Barcelona, ​​and in the middle of the other two. If you stay in Barcelona City Centre or Barcelona City Hotel (Universal), is very close to your accommodation.


The interior setting is the most successful of the three. Even the sound of water is heard. At the end of the bar have foosball, billiards and darts to play (nothing typical Hawaiian, but always like to many);-)

It is especially curious sounding music as you can hear all kinds of rhythms.

Usually also very crowded.

And you, do you know any more? Which one do you prefer?

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