Medieval dinners at Palau Requesens

We like Barcelona themed dinners, but also those dinners allow us to enjoy a visit to a special place in Barcelona that normally can not be accessed, this is already a privilege.

Today we speak of medieval themed dinners at the Palau Requesens. It is medieval dinner show that, in addition, they offer a great tour of this spectacular palace.

The event starts with a glass of cava and begin the medieval type performances. Shortly later, the tour starts. The views of the palace and, especially, the panoramic views of the city are stunning.


A specialized guide will explain both historical detail Palau Requesens as the neighborhood where is located the palace unknown.

Then, after another medieval show, a delicious dinner fully inspired in medieval style is served. You can choose between two different menus (and a third just for vegetarians).


–Medieval menu example–

Fresh fruit cut and Piment (drink spiced wine).

First course, 3 tastings:

Poached pear salad and cheese fresh vegetables ♦ ♦ Traditional legumes Braised ♦ ♦ Cod with vegetables.

Second dish:

Chicken with grapes and spices.


Blancmange mousse with hazelnut cream.


White wine Castell d’Argars D.O Terra Alta ♦ Red wine Xènius D.O Penedès ♦ Cava Alday.
Water and coffee

The dinner takes place in the Saló del Tinellet, what were once the stables of Palau Requesens, in a perfect dim and intimate.

The night ends with a fire show also in true medieval style definitely worth seeing.


Medieval dinners in Palau Requesens are an experience to enjoy  during nights on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from summer highly recommended for both tourists and locals.

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