The other Canaletas fountains


All we know “Canaletas fountain” in Barcelona. Famous mostly for FC Barcelona, in its location begins the most famous street of the city: La Rambla. In front of the famous fountain, one of our accommodation: Barcelona City Ramblas (also called “Guest House Canaletas”). But … what if we told you that there are OTHER Canaletas Fountains in Barcelona? Do you believe us?

In reality there are exact replicas of the original Canaletas Fountain, but them are few know. In fact, the first to recognize that we are going to explain we have known through the campaign “Les 10 Barcelones” promoted by the City Council this summer.

The first twin of the famous fountain is located in the district of Horta, specifically in the Plaça de les Santes Creus. When the district of Horta Barcelona but was not even part of Barcelona, it was a village. The village grew much around the square where the fountain is located. When in the early twentieth century Horta was annexed to Barcelona, ​​the city gave this fountain as a present and it was installed in this square.

But it is not the only one. We discovered other twin through Facebook 🙂

When the Facebook page of the City Council of Barcelona hung this interesting curiosity, there were a lot of answers and commentaries about it. Among them, we were reading carefully, we discovered that even in the Sant Miquel Riera Street, in the neighborhood of Gràcia, at the approximate height of the number 48, there is another replica of the fountain. We checked with Google Maps and here’s the screenshot to prove it.



We love to learn new things in our city! We hope to visit them soon!


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