Weather in Barcelona: enjoy our climate!

We are sure you have many reasons to visit Barcelona, as many as we have to confess fall in love with our city 馃槈

Barcelona is beautiful, cultural, cosmopolitan, has beachs, monuments, museums, good gastronomy聽and also offers聽you a very good weather聽for most of the year. We have good weather because we are a Mediterranean city!!. Our temperatures are generally mild. The weather is not extreme in either summer or winter, allowing you to enjoy your visit to Barcelona at any time of year.It’s great! 馃槈

Generally, though as we said we have good weather all year, from mid-May to late July are the months that the more you can enjoy the atmosphere of Barcelona. August, although it is a month full of tourists, is a month in which heat is pretty intense; September yet again a month with very good weather time to visit Barcelona.

Although we are having a somewhat changing climate in recent years, when autumn arrives in October and November usually have a few cold days, although very nice fresh and light. Still, we recommend you travel with an umbrella (although rain it is not usual).

And from December to February we have winter here. Although it is by no means a hard winter, yes it can match with some cooler days. It’s very rare we get down to 10 掳 C (50潞F), but even still recommend wearing warm clothes (although it is always a pleasure shopping in Barcelona!).

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