Barcelona Hotels with wifi. Search them and check its speed!

Looking for a hotel with wifi in Barcelona? Now you have it easier than ever because a new portal lets you locate hotels with wifi in Barcelona (in fact, of any city in the world) and also know how fast you can browse.

The Hotel Wifi Test -that’s the name the portal that lets us know the hotels with wifi in Barcelona- will show the results list or on a map, as we wish. We also shows a filter if we set a minimum speed. The site draws on the data provided by users.

The portal shows all categories of accommodation: hotels, hostels, B & B, guesthouses, and this approach can not be filtered. It is precisely the hostel Barcelona City Centre, in the heart of Barcelona, ​​the best speed of accommodation throughout the city, with an average speed of 47 Mbps and a maximum speed of up to 97 Mbps. Barcelona City Centre, a hostel that offers wifi free to their customers, fold in speed to the second housing list.


Although it may seem that the web Hotel Wifi Test is very simple, really give us much information. So, show us from the approximate price per night at the hotel we are looking to the nearest main monument (if not have it, it just says “in Barcelona”).

And every day there are more people who can not travel without their smartphone or tablet. Today, the high cost of roaming many travelers make only connect their devices to the Internet via wifi. In fact, 80% of travelers makes much of the wi-fi and the service produces an average increase of 8% in the assessment of clients on accommodation.

Barcelona City Hotels

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