Barcelona Card: what is this and how does it work?

Barcelona Card. If you are traveling to Barcelona really want to know what it is, is not it?. Let’s talk about this famous card and read what is included.

The Barcelona card is a card designed for the tourist. Discover the best of Barcelona with the Barcelona Card. Enjoy free unlimited use of public transport (including the airport train), free entry to the city’s best museums and exclusive deals and discounts on entertainment, dining, shopping and more.

In summary, the Barcelona Card is designed to save time (the time to be getting tickets here, tickets there …) and money (in case you use everything included in the Barcelona Card, then clearly saves you money).

Precio Barcelona Card

2 days >> 37€ (26€ children)

3 days >> 47€ (31€ children)

4 days >> 56€ (33€ children)

5 days >> 62€ (40€ children)

The card is also included a brief guide with information about the most interesting places of the city (in 3 languages) and a map. The Barcelona Card offers free public transport (metro, bus, tram …) and free access to more than 20 attractions in Barcelona (in addition to the kind of discounts that we discussed earlier).

These are some of the highlights that gives access to the Barcelona Card:

Remember to plan your trip well. As we have mentioned previously, the Barcelona Card pays off if given full use of everything included, otherwise it is better to buy your services separately.

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