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3 essential tapas bars in Barcelona


You know that tapas in Barcelona is one of our favorite blog topics. We have often spoken of them, although it is true that we have spent talking mainly of typical tapas bars in Barcelona and made ​​several initiatives in the city that certain weekdays promote free cover or lid low cost.

The tapas in Barcelona are varied and it all depends on the preferences of each person. If we had to choose one, possibly patatas bravas would emphasize, though nowhere lack ham, croquettes, cuttlefish, mussels, cheese, ham, Russian salad…

Today we tried to see three bars of lids from our experience, we believe that you should go if you are in Barcelona 😉

La Tasqueta 1800, a discrete tapas bar in La Barceloneta.

La Tasqueta 1800 is one of those tapas bars that goes unnoticed because, despite being full of tapas bars, is surrounded by many popular bars, that almost nobody notices it. In a bar of lifelong, very simple. The service is very friendly and they have a menu with many tapas, especially seafood (normal, considering we are in the neighborhood of fishermen). From razor clams and ham, patatas bravas, calamari or calluses, including tapas and dishes.

La Tasqueta 1800, un bar de tapas en Barcelona que hay que visitar

Bar Ramón, a classic of Sant Antoni neighborhood.

The difficulty of going there, especially on Sundays, it can be finding a table. But worth the wait. The Tapas Bar Ramón is a classic in the area and a very loyal audience that also expands its reputation among family and friends. From grilled squid to sausages, asparagus, shrimp, ham or Galician octopus. You start having tapas and you’ll be sure and eat 😉

Basque Taberna Maitea: tapas and “pinchos”

Although more than tapas restaurant is “pinchos” bar, we can not write this post without mentioning a place like Maitea. The Maitea is a place you should go to define. Its menu-based snacks and hot and cold tapas (although they also have ful ldishes) variety and quality makes it unique. Its original way of serving (the spikes are distributed by the tables in rounds) make a very original Maitea it is virtually impossible to access without booking site.

And you, what with your favorite tapas bars in Barcelona?

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