Barcelona with children: enjoy the city!


There is plenty to do in our city if you come to Barcelona with children. Although it is clear that there are a number of monuments and views of Barcelona you should not miss in Barcelona although you come with small children (plus they can also make them perfectly), you are probably thinking more proper places for children, at least for you can combine leisure of parents with children.

Take this opportunity to remind you that when you go to visit most sights and highlights of Barcelona, children have significant discounts. Same with services like the Barcelona Card, museums and transportation.

1) Walking with children for Las Ramblas, the Wax Museum and the Bosc de les Fades

One of the things that is sure to please kids is to walk down Las Ramblas. The human statues and artists drawing caricatures sure will appeal to children.

Taking advantage are in La Rambla, and visit the Wax Museum, an ideal place for children, and out drink in the spectacular Bosc de Les Fades Pub (Fairy Forest). Its interior perfectly recreates a forest full of trees and accompanied by elves and fairies children love!

Las Ramblas de Barcelona con niños

2) Visitar El Aquarium con niños

Activities also tend to like a lot in Barcelona children is the Aquarium. It is located in Port Vell, next to the shopping center Maremagnum same. The Aquarium of Barcelona is one of the largest aquariums in the world. It houses more than 11,000 fish and sea creatures of 450 different species. As it is right next to a shopping center, is surrounded by places to eat, even if you opt for fast food option (although there are many varied Barcelona …), you also have many fast food chains around the Aquarium.

Aquarium Barcelona

3) Come on to the Zoo!

Is there anything like most children see animals? 🙂 We are sure you will spend a wonderful day with family in Barcelona Zoo. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages to visit the zoo, but always ensures fun for all. Kids will especially enjoy shows with dolphins and seals.

4) Museo de la Ciencia

Those who have lived a lifetime in Barcelona remember well that is the typical tour you do when you are a kid in school, so we may guarantee that it’s worth seeing. Beyond the many curious items that will appeal to the younger, at the Museum of Science are areas like “Toca-Toca” designed for children to have a great time and experience sensations like petting exotic animals.

Remember that the Science Museum is one of the many museums open their doors free of charge on the first Sunday of each month.

5) Catalunya en Miniatura

If you have got a whole day to spend with the kids a little beyond Barcelona and own vehicle, we recommend a visit to Catalonia in Miniature Park, Europe’s largest models. This place will make your children feel gulliverT and also know the most emblematic places in Catalonia.

On premises of Catalunya en Miniatura is the Bosc Animat. The Living Forest (Forest Animated) consists of a number of circuits for trees graded by level of difficulty in which young and old can enjoy nature while having fun.

Catalunya en Miniatura is in Torroelles de Llobregat, about 30 KM from Barcelona.

Tirolina gigante en Catalunya en Miniatura

6) Tibidabo Amusement Park

And our latest proposal could only be that the only amusement park in Barcelona: Parc d’Atraccions Tibidabo. Because there is nothing I like more children to an amusement park.

Although it is not a huge amusement park, yes it will allow you to spend a whole day because there are many family attractions and activities to enjoy. You can reach the park by public transport.


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