La Casa de les Punxes, a modernist castle in the heart of Barcelona


There are many impressive buildings in Barcelona. Many! But stroll along Diagonal Avenue and find a castle with huge towers shaped tip leaves is incredible!! And this is exactly what happens with La Casa de les Punxes, a work of modernist architect Puig i Cadafalch.

La Casa de les Punxes is also known as Casa Terrades because their owners were called Terrades (sisters). Terrades sisters commissioned this work to Puig i Cadafalch. They were the owners of three separate buildings located between Diagonal Avenue, the street Rosselló and Carrer Bruc. Their desire was to unify them into one, and that is what they was commissioned to the architect.

La Casa de les Punxes, un castillo modernista en el corazón de Barcelona

In 1905 Puig i Cadafalch finished his work. It occupies a triangular block of houses and resembles a great medieval castle with four towers, one at each corner of the building. The highest form of towers -finished in stitches- given the nickname of this building, popularly known as Casa de les Punxes (House of Hair).

Unfortunately, the building can not be visited inside. But pay attention to events like the 48H Open House Barcelona, where many years does allow them to visit Casa de les Punxes, like other buildings not normally open the public.

La Casa de les Punxes is located on Calle Rosselló, 260; on the corner of Avenida Diagonal.

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