Palau Montaner, modernism little known a few steps from the Diagonal

Barcelona and Modernism are concepts that usually appears together. For that reason you can you find modernist buildings round a corner where you do not expect, and it is fantastic stopping to watch them and make photos althought can not go inside. This is the case of the Palau Montaner, a modernist palace situated near the Diagonal, specifically in the street with Roger de Mallorca Llúria.

The building was built by architect Josep Domènech i Estapà commissioned by the owners of the Editorial Montaner i Simon, who wanted two residences in the district of Eixample.

Palau Montaner

Before concluding, we mention that if you stay in Barcelona City Hotel (Hotel Universal), a small budget hotel in the center of Barcelona, ​​the Palau Montaner you walk is a 4 minute walk, so do not miss the chance to visit.

Barcelona City Hotels

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