Concerts in La Mercè Festival 2014

La Mercè 2014 is coming! And thus concerts each year draw thousands and thousands of people on the street:-) Once again, the city of Barcelona has made a strong commitment to musical performances.

You have enjoyed the concert every year during La Mercè, you already know that the Plaça Catalunya, right in front of the hostel Barcelona City Ramblas is one of the most typical scenarios. In recent years, the Forum also focuses part of the music of La Mercè.

This year also we have a new concert stage that surprised many: Bogatell beach, a scenario that fits perfectly with the commitment of the City Council to strengthen the beaches of Barcelona. It is precisely in Bogatell beach where we see groups like Manel, Txarango or Kung-Fu Troba.

But these are only three, in total there are a total of 89 concerts scheduled for Mercè 2014 with different styles to like everybody.

Fireworks in Mercè 2014

And while it’s not exactly a concert, once again the fireworks be the most anticipated event of La Mercè 2014. Fireworks in Mercè 2014 will take place, as every year, the night of La Merce (September 24 ) at 10 PM.

Fireworks will use a giant screen 18 x20 meters for first time.

Remember that much to go to concerts during Mercè Festival the best option is to move by public transport, which will be specially reinforced during these days. If you are from out of town to enjoy our holidays, remember that various accommodations offer perfect spaces to enjoy the festival 😉

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