“El Santet” grave in Poblenou


Even when visiting a city does not expect anyone to recommend visiting a cemetery, the grave of “santet” Poblenou is noteworthy and definitely worth a visit if you visit Barcelona.

In Barcelona, ​​there are few who have even heard of santet (even many of the inhabitants of the city, especially the younger ones, do not know this story).However, more than a century his tomb is visited by thousands of people who pray to her, offer flowers and posthumous gifts and ask favors. Thus, his fame has grown and beyond reports, monographs and book chapters, including Santet is sometimes named in general media.

El santet from Poblenou, who in life was called Francesc Canals Ambrós was born in the Place de la Llana on an unspecified date (there have been several) of the year 1877, in a humble family.

As a small child, the “santet” (in Castilian “the Santito”) aimed obsession and help anyone he could, including those who did not know.

Small, the santet began making predictions almost always occurred, and that over the years were enlarging their visions until now not knowing for sure what was real and what inventions and later legends.

At 14 Francesc went to work in famous store El Siglo de Barcelona, ​​the oldest in Spain, founded the year 1878. Soon to be in that company, had won the esteem of all his fellow without even one spoke ill of him. Francesc helped everyone, whether bosses, colleagues or clients, and never refused anyone a favor. It was in those years when it became known to all as the santet, as we read in the book The Barcelona unusual and unorthodox (Miguel Aracil, 2008) .

Premonitions of santet raised some curiosity and even in some cases, concern, since most of them became reality. One of the premonitions of santet most talked-about was the huge fire that destroyed almost completely warehouses El Siglo (25 December 1932), more than three decades after the death of Santet.

However, as a premonition consisting most shocking is that Francesc Canals made about his own death, which occurred on July 27, 1899.

At death, the santet was buried in the cemetery of Poble Nou, one of the oldest in Barcelona (1775) and also known as “Cemetery Levante”.

La tumba del "Santet" de Poblenou

After his death, acquaintances and coworkers santet visited his tomb and went to make requests and was then popularized the tradition that such requests were met. In fact, it was from this belief that the tomb of santet Poblenou was receiving more visitors every year and grew to fame on the miraculous powers of santet.

Even today, over a century after his death, enough, usually elderly, people come to pray, to beg favors, or just to leave some flowers, pictures, petitions, figurines, to the tomb of santet. Several niches expressly authorized to collect the offerings that still make it to the cemetery visitors, show us the faith that some people still in the santet.

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