3 tours to running in Barcelona

Running in Barcelona can be a wonderful activity, and the running in Barcelona is an activity that is becoming increasingly fashionable. Furthermore, considering that we are in a Mediterranean country fully and how much we like to enjoy their cuisine and tapas, sports is essential to maintain a balance in our routine.

If you are someone who is encouraged to sign up to do running around Barcelona, ​​you may be wondering what are the best sites to perform the sport.Here are some.

1) A classic for running: Diagonal Avenue.

The Diagonal, the avenue that separates the city into two very different Barcelonas, is a classic for lovers running. Although surely you wonder: go running down the Diagonal seeing only traffic and buildings? But no! Around the Diagonal are many green parks that will make your time much more enjoyable running.

A good choice, for example, is running the Diagonal from the center or from the end closest to the sea and go by running towards Tarragona. We can reach the Cervantes Park, which plays the same diagonal, and hence a spin for its greenery and return to the starting point.

2) Water road 

If you want something more out of town, the Water Road (Carretera de les Aigües) is a perfect place to enjoy running.

The 9 km from the Carretera de les aigües performed in a dirt road that transcends the skirt Collserola to the Fountain of Mandra (Esplugues de Llobregat).It is a very flat and uneven road.

3) Enjoy running in Montjuïc!

If the above proposal was Collserola, now we can not forget our most magical mountain: Montjuïc. This is a journey of about an hour (depending on you) that will put you in touch with the greenest parts of the city and will take you very mythical points.

Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC) de Barcelona

Our starting point will be at the Plaça Espanya, where we will begin to run until the MNAC , through the Mies van der Rohe and CaixaForum . Once there, we can go back down again enjoying the views.

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