Cervantes park in Barcelona

We’ve talked in the past of how green it may be Barcelona if we seek the right place. And the Cervantes Park is one of them.

The Cervantes Park is located on Diagonal. It is an ideal place to do running in Barcelona .

The Cervantes park is a magnificent and wide open green space which is characterized by large lawns, wide roads and the smoothness of the slope. These features make it a popular venue for walkers and athletes.

The wide roads through the park Cervantes intersect. It is a park where everything is spacious and accessible, since the flights of stairs to overcome the differences are counted.

The park has playgrounds, a few ping-pong tables and a fountain. It is an ideal place to enjoy the sun in winter. Near the square there is a picnic area .

The garden of roses.

Welcoming us at the main entrance to the gardens, on the Diagonal, found a space dedicated to roses that stand by the scent of its flowers. There are 235 varieties and do not need to get too close to smell the roses, but we could do without difficulty. An exquisite aroma will accompany us throughout your stay. Above, a sculpture of a woman and six olive contemplated roses. Nearby, the shadow of the magnificent lime invited to sit a while in the banks located under the spreading branches.

Linking with roses Barcelona has a long history. A good example is the international competition held in the Palace of Pedralbes between 1929 and 1936, and in which the best specialists participated in roses in the world.

Later, in the late 80s, in the Rose Garden Park Cervantes popular contests cut roses were held, but after their initial success, dropped its interest because of the difficulty of cultivating the necessary amount of roses in the few private gardens that were in Barcelona.

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