The shortest street in Barcelona


In this blog we talked about the narrowest street in town , but we still remained to discover the shortest street in Barcelona ;-)

The shortest street in Barcelona called Calle de l’Anisadeta and is almost beside the beautiful basilica of Santa Maria del Mar.

If you have read the best-seller “The Cathedral of the Sea” by Ildefonso Falcones, if you have good memory surely you remember that this street is mentioned, just by proximity to Santa Maria del Mar.

But keep talking about the shortest street in Barcelona. The Anisadeta Street is so, so short that we can cross it in about 2-3 steps.

The question inevitably arises: what should be something in the narrowest street in Barcelona? Well … yes! Anisadeta Street home in his short-space a restaurant and a flats block.

Carrer de l'Anisadeta i voltes de Caputxes

As many will have already guessed, the name “Anisadeta” comes from “anise”. Tradition has it that in ancient times the port workers and near this place had a table with anise and water with which they made a drink called “anisadeta”. Hence supposedly derives its name from the shortest street in Barcelona.

You can take a walk in the so fashionable Born district or logically a visit to the “Cathedral of the Sea” for this curious street … yes, do not get your hopes of finding a flat there ;-)



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