Macaya Palace by Puig i Cadafalch


Macaya Palace by Puig i Cadalfach is located a little away from the center of Barcelona and, perhaps for that reason, has not as famous as other works of its kind.

Macaya Palace, also called Macaya House, is on Passeig de Sant Joan, 108, fairly close to the Statue of Liberty in Barcelona, ​​in Arús Library.

Today the building is owned by Caixa, as happens with CaixaForum, and is mainly used for art exhibitions.

It was declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest by the Generalitat in 1976.

The facade of the house is completely white, a fact that makes the building to appreciate from afar. It has graffiti ocher, by Joan Paradis, and ironwork bars by Manuel Ballarín.



In general, one could say that his aesthetic is austere, but the balcony of the main floor, the tops of the windows and a small grandstand have great carved stone ornamentation.

In the capital of the left side of the main entrance, the figure of a cyclist seen; this is a detail of the sculptor to Puig, who by then was building the Amatller House and moved between the two works bike.

The lobby is decorated with engravings and tile, standing a ladder to the top floor, ornately carved stone with floral motifs.

If you visit the house Macaya (Macaya Palau), fail to walk a little further and delve to wander in the bohemian district of Gràcia. You will love it!

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