A Statue of Liberty in Barcelona?


Compare Barcelona and New York is complicated, admittedly. However, we can always say that both cities have the same cosmopolitan and urbanite style, although Barcelona is a small scale of NY.

We like New York, we like a lot. In fact, we like it so much that one of our accommodation, the hostel Barcelona City Street , is decorated as a tribute to the Big Apple.

But as we love showing off our city -Barcelona-, we also like to proudly say that Barcelona also have a Statue of Liberty, although many people do not know …

The Statue of Liberty in Barcelona is, of course, much smaller than New York one. Furthermore, it said, is dark bronze, almost black.

And at this point you may ask but where the statue of Barcelona is redeemed? Well … in a very curious place: the library Arús from Barcelona.

Arús Library is the oldest public library in the city. It dates from 1895 and is located on Passeig de Sant Joan in Barcelona. It was Rossend Arús legacy (hence its name) and currently is closely linked to the concept of Freemasonry.

¿La estatua de la Libertad en Barcelona?

Why a statue of liberty in Barcelona Arús Library?

This statue, commissioned in 1894, was built by the famous sculptor Manuel Leal i Fuxà as characteristic of the library item. However, was the Italian Odoardo Razzauti Luis, who turned the design into a bronze statue.

Curiously, the statue was completed before the opening of the Library Arús. Thus, the statue was exposed for about a month in the main hall of the former editor of La Vanguardia, formerly located in the Rambla del Estudis 7.

Despite being a small replica (more than two meters tall) statue of liberty, not everything is identical. While in the book that supports the Statue of Liberty puts the original “JULY IV MDCCLXXVI” (July 4, 1776), the date of the American Declaration of Independence, in the Library makes Anima Arús Libertas.

We recommend a visit to this curious “little” Statue of Liberty we have in Barcelona

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