Palace of the Viceroy (Palau de la Virreina)


The Palace of the Viceroy, in Catalan “Palau de la Virreina”, is a building located in the most famous street, La Rambla , within walking distance of our guesthouse located in front Canaletas fountain.

Palau de la Vicereine noteworthy is undoubtedly one of the finest examples of Baroque style we have in Barcelona about not religious architecture.

Inside are exhibits, permanent exhibition, Gegants Ciutat de Barcelona and Barcelona Àliga (often go dancing at La Mercè and other holidays), as the Palace of the Viceroy is part of the culture area of ​​the City Council Barcelona.


The Palace of the Viceroy was commissioned by the Marquis of Castellbell, who after being viceroy of Peru, returned to Barcelona and took a lot of money to build a palace that represented his fortune.

However, the premature death of the Marquis of Castellbell, Manuel de Amat, which quickly became the Palau was occupied by his daughter, and that he named the Palace of the Viceroy.

In 1941 the Palace of the Viceroy was declared a National Monumeto. The main facade is structured symmetrically vertical axes marked by balconies strengthening six pilasters with Ionic capitals type. Balconies with wrought iron railing. Twelve brackets supporting a cornice crowned with a balustrade with twelve large vases. It also has a beautiful courtyard with a double staircase.

The Palace of the Viceroy is located almost adjacent to the popular La Boqueria market and very close to the Gran Teatre del Liceu . Also, if you are in the area, I recommend a visit (and stop for a snack) on farm where the famous Cacaolat born .

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