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In one of the most beautiful places in Barcelona- Plaça del Rei (King’s Square)-, right next to the Chapel of St. Agatha , is the Barcelona City History Museum (not to be confused with the Museu d’Historia de Catalunya).

In the History Museum of Barcelona you can find all kinds of documents and materials allow us to take a trip in the history of Barcelona and learn from its origins until today.

An incredible for details of Barcino, Barchinona and current Barcelona strolling through the history of our city site.

But the Barcelona City History Museum consists not only of the spectacular building of the Plaza del Rey. It has various heritage sites that are also part of the museum of the city and worth visiting. Examples include the Roman Domus street Sant Honorat or Sea Gate and Port Spa, among others.

As a historical museum, of course the Barcelona History Museum hosts various archaeological artifacts that help us reconstruct the past of our city.Moreover, a large number of objects are related to life in the city, its festivals, its inhabitants and their traditions.

The Barcelona History Museum opened in 1943, while the building where it is located is of Gothic style and dates from the XV-XVI centuries. If you have the chance, walk around outside the building at night. The lighting makes for a great setting.

Surely many of you wanting to go out of the museum experience firsthand the history of the city and convert you, such as the Roman Barcino who lived in the third century, an experience that now will be able to carry out the new 3D app Barcino .


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