Color and light show in Torre Agbar


See AGBAR Tower at night, when fully lit in the middle of the night, that’s something wonderful. In addition, now we can enjoy a bit of atmosphere thanks to the show of light and color BruumRumm.

BruumRumm is a show that takes place every night in the square beside the building Design Hub Barcelona, ​​ right next to the main exit of Metro Glories. The show is a bright ground-level graphics posed a dialogue between citizens and public space through the noise and light.

The funny thing is that this show works with sensors that are in the square that contained the intensity of the voices and ambient noise and that change light and color. That is, you’re one of the protagonists ;-) Still, you can see how the lights also vary depending on the noise of cars or very soft sounds.

Definitely worth a look if you’re in the area, either because you are staying in apartments Barcelona City Apartment or they are spending a day shopping at Glories Shopping Center ;-)

BruumRuum! from Museu del Disseny on Vimeo.

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