Roman Barcino now in 3D on an app


The History of Barcelona always arouses great interest among both tourists and city residents. Now, how could it be otherwise, the technology increasingly pervades our lives has led to an app that lets us know the Roman Barcino 3D and approach the Roman archeology of the city in a pleasant way.

The app Barcino 3D, which is currently only available for tablets expected to go-to the smartphone and computer-is located in the Barcelona of the third century, just as the wall was completed, with its 76 towers and four gates.

The application is a walk through the Roman Barcelona that allows us to feel like a citizen of that time and detailed knowledge of each site with explanations in three languages: Spanish, Catalan and English. And thanks to the geolocation of all your information, the app allows us to make comparisons between the Roman Barcino and our current city.

Thanks to the information in the app we also know from customs of the inhabitants of that time certain Latin words used in that very moment, the app will allow us to translate.

Barcino 3D is the first of a family of applications designed to “meet the needs of different audiences, from the specialist to the curious tourist, through the family audience,” according to the director of heritage ICUB, Josep Lluis Alay.

As of its launch, the app is now available for tablets (Android and iOS), on the official website and through Google Earth.

Definitely Barcino 3D is an ideal complement to the Barcelona tourist apps and a very good way to permeate the culture of the most modern and innovative way.

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