Botanical Garden of Barcelona. Enjoy vegetation!


Although less known than we might want, Barcelona also has a botanical garden, an ideal place to stroll and enjoy varied vetegación place. The Botanical Garden of Barcelona was inaugurated in 1999 and has 14 acres of surface.

As a Mediterranean city 100% we are, plants and vegetation Botanical Gardens are also targeted in this kind of weather. The funny thing is that the Garden is distributed in different areas in the Mediterranean climate is present.

The paths of the mountain of Montjuïc, where is the Botanical Botànic- allow us access from area to area, starting with the Canary Islands located at the entrance and up the western Mediterranean … and so on.

However, we also find other continents and vegetation zones. In total, the garden is divided into Australia, California, Mediterranean, South Africa and Chile.

The Botanical Garden of Barcelona is located  within two hollows from ancient quarries in the area of Montjuïc Foixarda, just behind the MNAC. Being a deep place and located on the side of the mountain where there is more shade, cold air collects at the bottom and bottom temperatures are up to four degrees lower than the above, which species grow facilitaque Eurosiberian , typical of colder climates.

Visit the Botanical Garden is totally recommended if you are interested in botany. Also, if you are in Barcelona this weekend you’ll be in luck because the Botanical Garden is free every Sunday from 15h and on the first Sunday of each month, all day, as happens with many museums city.

Getting to the Botanical Jardí is not as fast as we would like. The best way is to take a bus that leaves about 10 minutes from the entrance:

  • Bus 150: is caught in Plaza Espanya / Maria Cristina, stop at Avenue de l’Estadi Olimpic (and walk 5-10 minutes to the JBB).
  • Bus 13: is caught in Plaza Espanya, Olympic Stadium stop (and walk 5-10 minutes to the JBB)
  • Bus 55: is caught in c / Lleida – Parallel Av, Av stop the Estadi Olimpic / Passeig Olimpic (and walk 5-10 minutes to the JBB.).


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