Casa Vicens, an unknown jewel by Gaudí in Barcelona


We talk about Gaudí and his works as much as we can in this blog , we know. However, we have not had too many occasions to write about Casa Vicens, one of the buildings made ​​in Gaudí least known of the city and that so far in 2014, although it is not open to the public (but will be soon).

Casa Vicens Gaudi is located in the neighborhood of Gràcia, in Street Carolines, 24 -a 5 minutes walk from the hostel Barcelona City North and 10 minutes from the B & B Barcelona City Street and Barcelona City Seven – almost next to the subway (stop Fontana).

Casa Vicens was built between 1883 and 1888, a period in which Gracia district was still an independent municipality of Barcelona. The building was commissioned by Manuel Vicens i Montaner -some sayd who owned a tile factory while others point to the Commercial Corridor-, he wanted Gaudí gave life to his second home to the then outskirts of Barcelona.

This little-known work of Gaudí consists of 4 floors; two of them are housing, an attic and a basement below.

Casa Vicens

Casa Vicens was a very important project for Gaudí because it was his first major commission. Gaudí had completed their studies  only 5 years ago. Casa Vicens allowed him to project his potential.

The building combines various ornamental motifs of oriental style with a strong influence of plants and flowers, abounded on the site where it is currently the home. The tiles also abound in this work of Gaudí.

As we mentioned earlier, Casa Vicens, a World Heritage Site in 2005, has not been visited so far because it was the family home of Jover Herrero but was on sale since 2007. It was in 2014 when the Andorran bank MoraBanc bought the building .

With the change of hands, Casa Vicens become a house-museum scheduled to open in 2015 and will enjoy visiting it as we do with the Pedrera , the Sagrada Familia or the Casa Batlló, among others.

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