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Millions of people come each year Barcelona. Roam our streets, visit our monuments, meet our people … but when it arrives the moment to buy a souvenir from Barcelona to take home as a souvenir or gift to our family or friends, do not know what to choose or what souvenir from Barcelona buy .

So try to give you some options of what souvenirs of Barcelona take home as a souvenir.

Typical figures Barcelona and ‘made in Gaudí’

We all know that when we travel is usual to find the same kind of souvenir custom in many different places with the name of the city or country where we are. A clear example of this are the key chains, mugs, snowballs, lizards that hang on the wall or sailboats with the place name written on her stern.

However, in Barcelona we have a series of original figures find many (all?) shops in Barcelona; you will identify them quickly because you will remember much Gaudí. Typical are Gaudi’s lizard, Gaudi chimneys (as we see in the roof of La Pedrera) and the Sagrada Familia.

A picture with typical landscapes of the city

Nothing decorates a room better than a good picture. At the bottom of La Rambla or in places such as Plaça del Pi you can find painters who paint their works in situ and expose them for sale.


A gift of F. C. Barcelona

For football fans, it is a very good option. Figurines of Camp Nou, balloons in the colors blue-and-scarlet or shirts players …

A Catalan “porrón”

The Catalans jugs are very original and, unfortunately, little used today. It is drinking glasses wine (although currently also used for drinking cava)

Catalan wine or cava

Catalunya is good land of wines and champagnes. A good option is to take a bottle home as a souvenir, both for yourself and for family or friends that you know who like this type of beverage.

T-Shirts or souvenirs representing Barcelona

Beyond football, there are people who choose to take souvenirs typical of large chains such as Hard Rock Café.

Museums’ souvenirs

In the MNAC, for example, you can find beautiful examples of Romanesque art well then find insurance as souvenir in the museum shop. Same with the MACBA or other museums …

Catalan sausages

Many people who choose to be “reminder” food at home and on arrival, make a dinner with family and / or friends where, in addition to taste food, take the opportunity to comment on the stories of the trip and see photos.

If you choose sausages as souvenirs, feel free to eat them with a good bottle of wine, so buy both ;-) We recommend that you do it in corner stores, fleeing from the crowded tourist areas.

And you, what kind of souvenir or gift do you buy Barcelona?

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