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We love eat and for this reason we often speak of restaurants in our blog! But precisely because we know how important it is to eat healthy and take care of today we decided to make a post about vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona.

>> Vegetarian Teresa Carles

Start talking about a vegetarian restaurant in the center of Barcelona, ​​very close to our accommodation Barcelona City Ramblas. . We’re talking about Teresa Carles vegetarian restaurant on Calle Jovellanos, right next to the shopping street Pelai.

The Teresa Carles restaurant is open every day of the week, which is always a plus. On weekdays you can taste some of their menus and quite affordable but always have the option to the letter.

In addition to its varied menu (where any non-vegetarian can eat without problem since it will not miss the flesh), much attention decoration. Very near the entrance we can see how some of the food as salads or fruit is prepared.


>> L’Hortet Vegetarian restaurant

Also located in the center of Barcelona, ​​l’Hortet restaurant offers a variety of healthy and varied dishes without gluten. L’Hortet be defined as family tradition, ecology, modernity, warmth, involvement and familiarity. It offers vegetarian and vegan menus.

On weekdays you can enjoy a full menu for 9 € and nights from Thursday to Saturday can also eat menu for 14.95€. Besides the menus have the option of eating in local or out (take away), in which case menu is some cheaper.

>>El Buffet Verd

Something further from the center, in the district of Gràcia, found the Buffet Verd (Green Buffet). Although its name is not a free buffet for all meals, but only in the part of salads.

It is sober and has a simple decoration, but the deal is familiar and the food will not leave you indifferent. You can enjoy everything from a rich summer gazpacho up some delicious spaghetti with mushroom sauce.

We hope these three choices of vegetarian restaurants allow you to enjoy your vegetarian or vegan life in Barcelona or, if you are fans of the flesh, change your carnivorous habits for a day 😉


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