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Live Jamon Experience in Barcelona!


Certainly the ham is one of the favorite foods of this part of the Mediterranean. However, until a few months ago in Barcelona we had no place (beyond stores sausages) which pay tribute to the ham, but luckily that changed thanks to the initiative of Enrique Tomás who gave life to the Jamon Experience in the most famous street of Barcelona, ​​near the hostel Barcelona City Ramblas.

We wish so much live Jamon Experience and discover what is learned during the visit. A visit that also can be complemented with a delicious tasting of the best Spanish hams accompanied by wine, champagne or beer.

So, last week we went to the route and the ham tasting experience, its cost is 20€ per person.

The routes are quite continuous, so really long time no waiting between one and the other.

The tour begins with an audiovisual experience about what is ham, which types are (and why) and all kinds of details about parenting and the importance of selecting pigs that lead to each type of ham. It is an entertaining and informative tour.

Jamón Experience Barcelona

The first part of the route is done with a headset that lets understand the content whatever the language. The groups  of the tour are small enough in order to not feel overwhelmed.

Step by step, we discover how the ham is made and, most importantly, we learn to appreciate the importance of such work. Did you know, for example, that since the pig is born until ham it reaches the table can take 3 to 5 years ?.

In the second part of Jamon Experience arrives the best: ham tasting :-)

Climb to the top (which is also the Restore section, where you can eat freely without making the visit) and there the group standing around a professional ham cutter, which will show us how the ham is cut and explaining what is each type.

Jamón Experience Barcelona

Learn to “live” the pleasure of eating ham not only by mouth, also by touch and smell. Among tasting and tasting ham, a sip of wine, champagne or beer to reset your mouth and appreciate with every shade next ham taste.

Thus, up to 6 different tastings (incredibly small amounts, just enough to call tasting). At the end, we were invited to go out the tempting shop Ham Experience, where the smell intoxicate our senses.

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