Barcelona Cathedral, Cathedral of Santa Eulalia

The Cathedral of Barcelona, ​​really called Cathedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulalia, is a Gothic cathedral and one of the most precious religious monuments in Barcelona.

It was Built between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. Barcelona’s Cathedral ( not to be confused with the so-called Catedral del Mar ) is a clear example of syncretism. The present cathedral was built on the old Romanesque cathedral, built in turn on a Visigoth church which preceded an early Christian basilica.

catedral barcelona

Barcelona Cathedral is dedicated to Santa Cruz (Holy Cross) from the year 599 and it is also dedicated to Santa Eulalia from 877. Remember Santa Eulàlia was patron of Barcelona, but later was replaced by the Mother of God of Mercy (Virgen de Mercy or Mercedes).

The interior of the cathedral of Barcelona is impressive and must visit. Nowadays, during some slots the visit is not free. Also, remember that whatever the schedule to the cathedral must go minimally covered (not talking about nothing exceptional, just can not get with bathing pants, tops and the like).

The Cathedral consists of three ships of the same height, the central twice as wide as the side. There is a U-shaped gallery is above the side chapels. In the aisles there are other 17 chapels.

Although everything inside is impressive, we highlight the chorus, simple but masterful and, above all, the chapel of Santa Eulalia.

The Cathedral also has a beautiful exterior cloisters. A garden where, besides vegetation, always can see 13 beautiful geese (the number 13 is no fortuity. It is said that when Santa Eulalia was sacrificed had 13 geese).

Like many other cathedrals, the cathedral of Barcelona also looks half hidden in its facade some gargoyles. The most famous of them undoubtedly is the gargoyle unicorn.

GÁRGOLA UNICORNIO Catedral Barcelona

Although complicated, worth missing the halls of the Cathedral of Barcelona calmly, when there few people, and enjoy its silence and its essence.

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