Carnival 2015 in Barcelona


Carnival 2015 in Barcelona is coming soon! Some great for those who like to dress up days, the atmosphere in the streets, floats and party.

In Barcelona, ​​Carnival is commonly known as Carnestoltes, the character who represents this festive period. Although Barcelona Carnival is not as typical as elsewhere (Canary Islands, Andalusia …), we also have our environment in the city and neighborhoods.

Carnival symbolizes the beginning of Lent, ie 40 days of kindness that Christians traditionally used to do before Easter. Carnival was the last big party before Easter. The Carnival begins on Thursday (Maundy Thursday or, in Catalan, dijous gras) and ends on Wednesday (traditionally “bury the sardine” as a symbol that begins the era of prudence).

In Barcelona Carnival is celebrated especially in the downtown and neighborhoods where everyone organizes festivals and parades. A lack of one month for Carnival, unfortunately we can not even list specific events of the Carnival 2015 in Barcelona, ​​although we can tell you that it will be from 12 to 18 February its conclusion; However, we assure you that we will update this post as we get more information ;-)


Beyond the thematic events promoted by the city, the weekend in between Carnival (14 and 15 February) will be many clubs and discos that, once again, do theme nights dedicated to the celebration.

For those of you with crystal clear that you want to live Carnival 2015 to the fullest, we recommend attending the various festivals in the nearby town of Sitges, famous for its carnival.

Sitges Carnival 2015 begins with the arrival of King Carnestoltes on Thursday 12th and ends on February 18, Ash Wednesday, with the burial of King Carnestoltes.

The strongest days are the Carnival parades (for adults and children) on February 15 and Tuesday 17 February.

You can easily reach Sitges by train from several points of Barcelona.

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