Factors to consider when looking for accommodation in Barcelona


Big, small, luxury, modest, expensive, cheap … there are hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands!) of accommodation in Barcelona. From hostels, pensions hotels or apartments . And many people do not know what type of accommodation choose, something that very often we can get to sour the trip.

Considerations to keep in mind:

1) Insurance and … everything in order. Without wishing to belittle anyone and, knowing that it is very unlikely that something “bad” happens in the accommodation, stay calmer choosing accommodation with all papers in order and qualified personnel. How do I know? It is so easy … pensions, hostels, hotels … however small they may be, follow a structure, offer common services, common areas, there is a company behind.

2) The location… and transport. Oddly, there are people who do not like to sleep in a hotel in the heart of Barcelona and is completely respectable! No thier, make sure your property is close to public transport (how more and more varied, better). Remember in Barcelona, ​​plus a good subway system (metro), we have bus (day and night), train, tram …

3) Wifi…and free please. We are in the era of technology and we travel with all kinds of gadgets (at least one, sure). Beyond your smartphone, surely you carry a tablet and you like to consult the route of next day before sleep. Find hotels with wi-fi in Barcelona and even the speed of your connection.

4) Multilingual staff. Because, in an extreme case we can all understand with signs like Indians, but all the better if you understand me in my language ;-)

5) Luggage storage…for the first or last day. If you arrive before check-in or check-out day you still want to visit Barcelona, ​​do not burden us with our bags! Book an accommodation that will provide a space where leave your suitcase!

6) Breakfast included. Some people just have a coffee and some people actually think that is the most important meal of the day. Does not mutter if you eat much or little for breakfast, thinks the breakfast included in your stay in Barcelona saves you spending out.

And you, what do you have in mind when choosing your accommodation when you travel?

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