Skiing from Barcelona


There are many people who love skiing but ski in Barcelona is not such easy as we would like. However, no need to go to the other end of the country to ski, so let’s see what options we have to ski from Barcelona and, most important, including transport (not need a car).

To enjoy a day in the snow with no worries, you can choose to go from Barcelona to ski the slopes Molina or Masella ski resorts where you can find all services in a pleasant natural environment. La Molina has a total of 63 km and 53 ski slopes (2445 meters maximum and minimum altitude 1400 meters). La Masella has a total of 74.5 km and 65 ski slopes (2535 meters maximum and minimum altitude 1600 meters).


If you choose this option, your entrance includes: round trip + ski pass + ski insurance + Escort during the journey. Remember that the bill does not include ski equipment, so you bring your own (if you travel to Barcelona, ​​unlikely …) or rent ski to door ;-)

You know how to ski from Barcelona will be playing early, so it is common to leave around 6 am from the agreed parts of the city (you know, the previous day’s best not to party …).

You have more information to go skiing from Barcelona and buy and your tickets at the following link:

Barcelona City Hotels

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