Santa Eulalia Festival, co-patron of Barcelona


Santa Eulalia, which was dethroned as patron of Barcelona by La Mercè, also has its festivals in the city. Nowadays Santa Eulalia is co-patron of Barcelona (in fact the Cathedral is called Cathedral of Santa Creu i Santa Eulalia ), but as you know the biggest party in town is celebrated in honor of the Mare de Deu de la Mercè.

To date, unfortunately we have little information about the Fiestas de Santa Eulalia 2015 will be updating this post as we get more specific information.

So far we know that, as usual, the festival of Santa Eulalia be held on 6,7, 8 and February 12. Like other years, surely the program of events and activities will bring giants, big heads, dragons, devils, sardanas and lots of fun and entertainment through the streets of downtown, especially in the center of the city.


In addition, at nightfall, LLUM BCN (Barcelona Light) festival will be held, which this year has special significance because 2015 is considered as the Year of Light by the United Nations.

As is usual in all activities organized by the city, the festival of Santa Eulalia have their own hashtag to follow in various social networks everything that happens. You can keep you informed through #festesdesantaeulalia and / or participate with your experiences.

Why Santa Eulalia was no longer patron of Barcelona ?.

For that by now you wonder why Santa Eulalia longer patron of Barcelona, ​​you’re going to tell. In 1687, the city suffered a terrible plague of locusts expanded and expanded and ended with all crops. Desperate, the people cheered the Virgin of Mercy (Virgin of La Mercè) to help him fight a dangerous plague. And so it was. Legend has it that the powers of the revered Mercè ended with lobsters.

His victory against locusts earned him the title again patron of Barcelona, ​​however, the Pope did not ratify the decision up to 1868 year in which Mercè is officially named patron saint of Barcelona, ​​thus robbing the title to Santa Eulalia. The first official La Mercè were held in 1902, driven by Francesc Cambo.

Since then, many years are certainly things in meteorology, the celebrations of the Mercè are old water coincides with rainy days. Tradition has it that during those days Santa Eulalia cries patronage was stolen, and then the rain.



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