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Possibly the cheapest restaurant in Barcelona: El Romesco


Eating well does not always depend on the price (even if we eat well and cheap better, right?), But also true that we usually look for cheap restaurants. Each restaurant has its rates and, with it, its audience (of course …). However, surely more than one pique the curiosity to know what is possibly the cheapest restaurant in Barcelona (logically we talk about places to eat dish: no fast food, no snacks, kebabs, etc …).

Of the years that we have been touring Barcelona day by day (we are already a few ;-)) we can say that after eating in many places and many different types, the cheapest restaurant in Barcelona is, almost certainly, El Romesco, A small restaurant with traditional homemade food ( “cassolana”, which we say in Catalan), where the treatment and the staff are friendly and the prices very, very cheap (it is also a shared opinion of many Barcelonaians …).

Although the brief description that we have just given sure that more than one would place the restaurant in some working class neighborhood where it is highly valued to eat hot to continue facing the day, nothing further from reality. This cheap Barcelona restaurant is located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​one minute from La Rambla and a few meters from the famous Teatre del Liceu .

And now more than one is wondering: when we talk about the cheapest restaurant in Barcelona, ​​at what price range are we standing? For 6 € of a juicy grilled steak with potatoes, the € 6 from a dish of hake a la romana (fresh!) Or dumplings to the gardener. Also the first courses are very cheap at this restaurant; So a few hors d’oeuvres cost € 4.50, a soup of pasta ( for rainy days … ) less than € 3 or a delicious summer gazpacho € 3. Is the restaurant Romesco cheap or not? (I.e.

Carta del restaurante más barato de Barcelona: El Romesco

In addition to the dishes that we can see in the menu of El Romesco, there are also other special dishes according to the day (we assure you that they do not cost much more than those mentioned before …). Thus, as advertised on their website, we can taste:

  • MONDAY: Cod a pisto, Ribs in pisto and Chicken with garlic.
  • TUESDAY: Veal Fricando and Turkey Thigh.
  • WEDNESDAY: Escudella, Veal with sauce and Rabbit with garlic.
  • THURSDAY: Lamb in the oven and Paella.
  • FRIDAY: Paella and Chicken with pisto.
  • SATURDAY: Codillo and Round of Veal.

The Romesco, besides being cheap, is a simple place, always crowded with people, and noisy (very noisy). In its austere walls, you will find different landscapes of Barcelona. You can not beat the location, but if you are looking for a good place to stay, this is the place for you.

Despite not being a touristy place (the proof is that they close at Christmas, in August and every Sunday ), we can almost assure you that it will be your turn to do some queuing to eat at this cheap restaurant. But, we insist, it’s worth it !.

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