Llum BCN 2015: enjoy the light in the night!


2015 is the International Year of Light (declared by the United Nations) and, for this reason, has decided to place the Llum BCN (Festival of Light) in Barcelona during the festival of Santa Eulalia.

The Llum BCN festival is a series of acts and events related to light. All of them, not surprisingly, will take place at nightfall 🙂

With the festival, Barcelona will be transformed and filled with many monumental buildings, plazas, nooks and courtyards full of charm and history of many ancient noble palaces of Ciutat Vella. This is the fourth edition of this festival, coinciding with such a special year of Light, this celebration is consolidated year.

The Llum BCN will take place on 6, 7 and 8 February and will show performances as curious as castellers (human) tower lit (the first in the world, by the way).

Some of the scenarios that we see these days are illuminated during the Plaça Sant Felip Neri, the Plaça de la Vila de Madrid, the Plaça de la Mercè or Plaça del Rei, among others.

Creative Commons (FLICKR): click en la foto para ver original

Creative Commons (FLICKR): click en la foto para ver original

But not only the squares have prominence, some of the most famous city playgrounds also will look illuminated during the nights of Llum BCN. Proof of this are the Historical Archive of the City of Barcelona on the Barcelona Athenaeum, the Palau Centelles or the headquarters of the SGAE in Catalonia, among several others.

We may also enjoy performances of light and color and mappings in such landmarks as La Pedrera, where dancers will dance on windows and balconies half-hidden in the dark, or the facade of the City Council of Barcelona, habitual protagonist of various mappings .

And one of the initiatives we most like Llum BCN festival are undoubtedly itineraries light. There are three routes: Mar, Rambla and Cathedral.

Several streets of Ciutat Vella (Gothic Quarter) will light signals that allow us to follow the steps that lead us through various scenarios illuminated. It is something that has reminded us a “treasure hunt” and have loved the idea.

Moreover, the official website of Llum BCN also proposes the possibility of such itineraries guided way; however, we have found no way to point us (van confirmed).

We consider the Llum BCN festival this year will be very special and leave pretty pictures (we hope to share with you on our Facebook). If Barcelona is pretty day, at night and lit gala, it’s great!

All information in: http://santaeulalia.bcn.cat/llumbcn

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