This Saturday, vermouth and free tapa in the Gràcia neighborhood


This weekend looks like we will not have time to rest. If yesterday we talked about the Barcelona Beer Festival, now tell us that on Saturday March 14 Yzaguirre vermouth brand organized in the Gràcia a festival in which, besides enjoying the party itself, can take a free vermouth and tapa both we like. However, to take free the vermouth and cover well we thank you read this post until the end 😉

Make it clear that the most important is the feast, verbena, which Yzaguirre has already successfully tested in Madrid and now moves to the bohemian district of Gràcia (ye staying in the Barcelona City Street, Barcelona City North and Barcelona City Seven’re in luck, since you are very close walk from the point of leisure).

Verbena Yzaguirre Barcelona

The brand gets so something as authentic as dances neighborhood that end up being the meeting point between neighbors and friends, where you meet new people, enjoying the music, incidental conversations, have a drink and always accompanied with the best vermouth.

While “vermouthemos” we featured music by DJ Miss Biotza and live music. All this takes place in Betahaus coworking space in Vilafranca Street 7.

And, now, if you are someone who want a vermouth and a free cap, you must send an email to saying your name and requesting not delay as places are limited!

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