Beer festival and free entry to Poble Espanyol

Fiesta de la cerveza Poble Espanyol

Are you in Barcelona this weekend?

If you answered yes to both questions, congratulations! You’re in town on a key day for all beer lovers because it is celebrating the Beer Festival in Barcelona, in Poble Espanyol.

And yes, it is true, a few weeks ago we had another “big beer party” –Barcelona Beer Festival– but in the Biergarten, the beer festival held in the Poble Espanyol, can drink surrounded by an environment most enjoyable (have you ever visited Poble Espanyol?).

Also, if you reside in Catalunya entry it is completely free and will allow you to visit the Poble Espanyol (the rest of the year is paid) and if you are not resident in Catalonia you still have a choice: make a book through the website the Biergärten and also have free admission (reside in Catalonia or not).


Fiesta de la cerveza Poble Espanyol


Book a table? Yes, a table! Because Biergärten is a 100% German party, so you can not just drink beer. Frankfurt, Bratwurst or Kartoffel salad, among other dishes also are waiting for you!

Enjoy this weekend-bridge brewer in a very special place. The beer festival in the Poble Espanyol will take place from Thursday 30 to 6PM. until Sunday May 3rd. The opening time is 12 PM.

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