Pet-friendly restaurants in Barcelona center


They are part of our family and we want to stay with them wherever we go . And fortunately, more and more places accept pets every day, and now we can join us to eat or drink in various bars in Barcelona center, most of them in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni.

El Sortidor del Parlament

In the fashioned neighborhood of Sant Antoni, we find Sortidor de Parlament, a mythical bar in the area, which is alsopet-friendly, which can go quietly with our dog.

Carrer del Parlament, 53, 08015 Barcelona

Bar Ramon

Also in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni, there is another very mythical home and also accept our dogs. This is the Bar Ramon, one of the bars in the neighborhood noted for its delicious and generous tapas .

Carrer del Comte Borrell, 81, 08015 Barcelona

Restaurant Mediterrani

This restaurant, located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​in addition to a good menu, lunch or dinner accompanied by your dog will offer.

C Diputació, 73, 08015 Barcelona

La Moritz

Although the Moritz brewery is well known both for its beers and its Local pretty cool and fashionable, few people are those who know they can go there with your pet while you drink a beer.

Either on the terrace or inside, your faithful friend can accompany you while having a beer or tapas.

Ronda San Antoni 41, 08011 Barcelona

Bar Calders

And we in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni, with another classic, the Bar Calders. There will not be as difficult to take your dog (since they will be happy), but to find a free table, as the queues in Calders are commonplace.

Carrer del Parlament, 25, 08015 Barcelona


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