Walking the most legendary cemeteries in Barcelona


Are you one of those people who love to visit cemeteries and all art, history and legends that are in them? Although Barcelona is not Paris, here you can take a tour of the cemeteries of Barcelona, ​​specifically for the Montjuïc Cemetery and the mythical Poble Nou Cemetery.

The routes are organized by the Barcelona City Council, specifically by “Cementeris of Barcelona” and take place on weekends. Moreover, these routes cemeteries are guided and totally free; you just have to register in advance.

The routes for these two cemeteries Barcelona are diurnal. However, in an extraordinary way, two times a year becomes anight guided tour by each of these cemeteries .

These extraordinary nocturnal visits and guided tours are also free. In addition, you will accompany acclimated period characters that explain the history and culture of the burial site linked to the history of Barcelona. In the cemetery of Poble Nou, for example, surely among the many things you will speak explaining the famous ‘The Santet’.

There are guided visits in Catalan, Castilian, French and English. You will have to go following the news of her official website and their Facebook and Twitter to learn more about it and find what you can target you.

If in addition to these interesting routes through the cemeteries of Barcelona you also interested in other routes on mysteries and enigmas of Barcelona , remember that there is a large thematic offer very affordable rates in Barcelona (from 10 €).

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