Brazilian Day in Barcelona


Want to enjoy a day to the rhythm of Samba in Barcelona? On September 6 the Barcelona Brazil Day and the Brazilian culture festival will be celebrated in the Forum Park, from 12 AM to 11PM,. There will be many cariocas activities.

The entrance to Brazil Day 2015 in Barcelona is free, but obliged to make a mandatory consumption of 5 €, which equals 2 beers and 2 sodas or, of course, caipirinha.

Between 2002 and 2007, the Brazilian community in Spain has grown at an average annual rate of 21.2%. Catalunya, for example, hosts more than 40,000 Brazilians, and for this reason celebrate the Brazilian Day Barcelona is an expected event. In fact, this Sunday 8th September, Brazilian community celebrate the 5th edition of this annual festival.

The event, which hosts more than 12,000 people the last year, aims to create a meeting between Brazil and Spain.

Brazilian Day Barcelona is based on three pillars: the quality of programming, open communication and open access (daytime activities, which are held on Sundays, with free admission for all people and in a place readily accessible). The shortage of cultural activities with these features makes Brazil Day a project of vital importance to the Brazilian community in Catalonia.

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