Mapping in Barcelona Council during Mercè Festival


Another activity that score high on the Feast of Mercy is the mapping of Barcelona City Council. A show with projections on the facade of the City Council this year must see the big plane that was installed in the park of the Ciutadella.

The mapping tells the story of a sidereal passengers arriving to Earth in a ship similar to a plane. The fame of the city has reached the most distant stars and from there have come these extraordinary visitors, first make mistakes and end up between penguins and zebras, but sea after living a fun adventure, arrive just in time for mapping and end up as in a more viewers.

The mapping of Barcelona City Council in 2015 called “Portraits of Barcelona” and is a spectacle directed by producer Boolab Harmless (stage name of Javier Gutiérrez) from a screenplay by Jordi Teixidó and Helio DJ music.

The mapping consists of projecting images onto real surfaces, usually inanimate, to get or 3D motion effects resulting in an artistic show unusual. Do on facades of buildings is the most common.

In 2015, you can enjoy the mapping in the City of Barcelona some Sessions:

Friday: 9.15 PM, 9.45 PM, 10.15 PM, 10.45 PM.
Saturday: 8.45 PM, 9.45 PM, 10.45 PM
Sunday: 8.45 PM, 9.15 PM, 9.45 PM,  10.15 PM
Monday and Tuesday: 9 PM, 9.20 PM, 9.45 PM
Wednesday: 8.45 PM, 10.30 PM, 11 PM
Thursday: 10 PM, 10.30 PM, 11 PM

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